Spring of Galabes

In the prophecies of Merlin in Monmouth, amid an endless prophetic stream of near-gibberish, the Spring of Galabes is mentioned several times, usually noting that its waters are poisonous, and noting that dire things happen when its waters mix with other rivers.

Later in the same work, Ambrosius' messengers, searching for Merlin so that he might help build a funeral memorial for those dukes betrayed by Hengist and slain while unarmed, a memorial on the Salisbury plains that will be Stonehenge (though Monmouth confuses Stonehenge, Amesbury and Avebury repeatedly), they find Merlin at the spring of Galabes himself, which Monmouth notes he liked to frequent. Note that this seems to be the first mention of Merlin's penchant for dwelling near, or retreating to springs, as he is later well associated with the Fountain of Barenton in Broceliande, in Brittany.