The Street Druid Sutra

The Necessity of Myth

Mythical thinking, metaphoric thinking, supernormal thinking, are human constants. As a modern people we refuse to accept that we are illogical animals and are never bound by reason, rather that reason is bound by us. We convince ourselves that our intellect not merely rules, but like YHWH is a jealous god and is the ONLY thing rattling around in our brains. Finding our emotionality and our intuitive, creative energies so distasteful, we push our magical thinking to our subconscious, where it continues to work, but instead of being something we can utilize, it is given free rein to run wherever it will. So, in attempting to convince ourselves that we are rational beings, we make ourselves and our world increasingly irrational. And while doing so, we divide ourselves in two, making for a broken experience of life, in which we strive to see reason, but are constantly threatened by what appears to be madness, but is merely the human need for the non-linear, non Cartesian, non-Aristotelian.

The social sciences, being thoroughly applied, struggle with the enormity of how non-scientific they really are. The disproof of one author's position is based in the support of the next author's position. When his position is disproved, we do the field a disservice if we do not reappraise the first author again.

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